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July 21, 2013
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MM: Yoshida Hideo by zerodollar MM: Yoshida Hideo by zerodollar

MM: Yoshida Hideoby zerodollar

Manga & Anime / Digital Media / Drawings©2013-2014 zerodollar
i'm a bad parent :iconlazepoolplz:

Name: Yoshida Hideo

Age: 17

Height & Weight: 5'10" / 74kg

Gender: Male

Year Level: II

Weapon: Slingbow - A toy from his childhood. Would shoot you with it if you call it a toy though- he's had archery lessons as well, making accuracy one of his best assets.

Arcana: XII - Hanged Man

Arcana Rank: Rank I

Suit: Pentacles

Nationality: Japanese

- reptiles
- sleeping in
- slings
- South Park because reasons o)-) not too obsessed but he does have a SP bedsheet ;3
- misunderstandings- he just likes seeing reactions in general, but lacks response himself.
- the back seat in everything

- going to school, homework, anything relating to school
- alarms of any type (fire alarm, alarm clocks, etc.) they're way too noisy
- people in general, but giddy people particularly more, and kids a whole lot more.
- functions (formal events) and occasions.
- old-fashioned stuff (classics, medieval, antiques, etc)

- constantly grouchy.
- lazy: can be very, VERY lazy to the point of not talking or keying in passwords because he finds it a troubling task.
- forever hibernating: sleeps all day errday.
- simpleton: he doesn't like to go into too much details, but can be quietly philosophical.
- demanding: simple-minded only means he doesn't take the time to consider a particular favorite color or food, which makes him someone hard to please (who knows if that's even possible o)-) ).
- messy: he could care less about a good appearance. also likes hoarding, though this is just a childish rebellious side of him. however, when it comes to formal dining, he would have been trained to keep his manners in check.
- unreliable: quite the actor, he would lie to his advantage. this makes it hard for him to gain anyone's trust, not that he needs it. but for selfish reasons he can be helpful.
- pessimist: and a quiet one at it- he tend to think negatively about the people around him, much like the embodiment of a schizophrenia.
- secretly competitive: in certain things- those that he thinks he should be the only one good at.
- denial: feels the need to stay true to his image as the cold-hearted, so when he is confronted with a positive feeling, he would not admit it.

- Adaptable in a number of situations
- Reflexive
- Precision
- Reserved
- Analytical

- Trustless, both ways
- Impassive
- Close-minded
- Self-righteous
- Covetous
- Lazy


Hideo was born to a couple of scientists, both of whom did not seem to display any affection nor feel the need to. This leveled their expectations of their only son. They had busy schedules, leaving him with nothing but rules to follow, and much studying to do. He had two house keepers to take care of him, both of whom were made to comply the parents' methods of discipline.
He grew up watching other children being carried on their father's shoulders, kissed by their mothers, something he hasn't experienced nor understand why, but there was a rapid growing of malicious envy inside. When he could no longer contain it, he felt the need to take away their happiness- he started stealing the little things the children were most fond of- keychains, books, toys, and other things, becoming a kleptomaniac. He found satisfaction in watching their reactions, how losing these things made them worry, insecure, and even cry. His busy parents eventually discovered this unhealthy habit and confronted him about it- he learned to lie to save himself from getting into trouble.

Hideo developed an affinity for reptiles from studying them since little. He'd hunt little critters with slingshots, quickly developing targeting skills. Acknowledging his own ability, he joined the archery club at school, taking it only lightly at first, but when he found it difficult, a more diligent side of him shows. Also had lessons of judo but he tends to skip those.

His personality worsened in middle school. A snobby rich know-it-all who thinks everyone is lower than him. He needed to be taught a lesson- and he was. A near death experience, which brought him to genuinely hate people, and shaped him into a delinquent. He started taking judo classes more seriously, but also developed an aggressive fighting style. He also always has with him a pen, in the worst case scenario.

- has a pet chameleon he calls Charme, constantly hanging from his shoulder. it's just as grouchy as him and will always lash its tongue at the person Hideo is talking to.
- doesn't know how to tie knots… (necktie, shoelace, etc)
- has a habit of misplacing things.
- would fight anyone if cornered into it, but goes easier on ladies because reasons-
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motonuraryuu Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
ah...makes me want to play persona 5....2015Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1]

I like your character though!Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
zerodollar Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i've never played persona tbh x'D and thank you
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sure! ahaha i have a feeling that their pets would do the talking for them or something asdklfjaskl but yes feel free to note me anytime :> i'm usually busy with schoolwork but i will find the time to reply to stuff. o w o b
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